Jojo's Event Services and Security, LLC

At Jojo's Event Services and Security, LLC we understand that every event is unique. Many events require a large amount of additional resources on the local staffing and security companies and understandably no one individual company can provide all those services alone. We also know that with each event, there is a 100% chance of several call/offs and no/call no/shows the day of the event. Let Jojo's assist and supplement your security and staffing needs for your event.


JoJo's Events Services and Security, LLC provides top of the line, professional security and event services for any type of event with a company goal of providing high quality customer service to the guests to ensure that they feel secure while enjoying the event to the fullest. We pride ourselves on having a large amount of advance knowledge of the event, the venue, and everything touching on it, to assist with any type of question or need that arises from your guests.


Our staff will integrate into your company's team. We will work along side your company, wear your company issued attire, and logos, and team-up, supervise, or otherwise be supervised by your company. For all intents and purposes our employees will be considered your company's employees for the duration of the event.


Let Jojo's Event Services and Security, LLC supplement your services and security needs at all your major events.